We provide a 24/7 telephone / online service personalized to your activity needs.

We provide customer support, product sales and support. Customers in English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and other languages.

Our company guarantees you professionally conducting project management, following the most high standards of the international market and current trends of business. We are building a close-knit team and recruiting employees, Following the values ​​of the company.

The advantages of outsourcing in Ukraine:

Ukraine now one of the fastest developing countries in IT technologies and customer support.

High level of education: 80% of the population have higher education

European time zone which simplifies work with customers from Europe.

Fast employee training and adaptable to the specificity of work

Well - developed work and professional ethics

Many international companies are already working with Ukrainian outsourcing services, taking advantage of highly educated employees, a business culture and high level of knowledge of languages.

Our years of experience in European and American market guarantees you:

High - quality recruitment - we will help you build a strong team

Running projects in the shortest possible time - we have a well-developed training system

Professional project management - we maintain transparent reporting and strive for timely fulfillment of goals

Flexible payment system - we have developed a universal salary structure and bonus system

Work experience:

more than 15 years

Implemented projects:


Benefits described in chart form