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Day at our office

Day is a small life, within a few hours we can do very much.

Technology, the Internet, mobile devices have radically changed, the sense of time and space. The world shrinks to the size of the browser window, colleagues from other cities and countries are getting closer. The speed of information transfer has become the driving force behind a new working day. At the same time, the number of projects that are carried out individually, is steadily decreasing, and the team work of specialists from several departments becomes the everyday practice of most companies. But something does not change and remains important in all the offices of the world: support and constructive dialogue with colleagues are still one of the main components of success in solving problems.

A total of just over 250 employees in our office. Many people study at the same time, getting a first or second higher education. Of course, it’s not easy to combine work and study, but thanks to our loyal schedule, the guys still have time for rest and travel. Our company primarily cares about the comfort of its employees. We all spend a lot of time at work, so the design of the working rooms and tables reflects the character, mood and passion of each team in our office.

In our office we not only work, rest and celebrate holidays, but also learn. The office constantly conducts trainings. New employees of the company are given the opportunity to receive training from leading experts in marketing (trainings, courses, seminars) for free.

For many years of our work in each department, their traditions have emerged: special congratulations on Birthday, traditional teambuilding and joint recreation. For the birthday people in many departments in the morning prepare surprises: draw a wall newspaper with ridiculous congratulations, decorate the table of the originator of the celebration, give the original gifts. We also have holidays, which we celebrate throughout the company, including the New Year and the company’s birthday.

Here you can meet people with different backgrounds, interests and views on life, but we all share one thing – we love our work. Every day in our office begins with a smile and hot coffee, we do interesting work and achieve new victories!

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