Contact center Kiev

Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр

Customer support and search services

Given the rapid dynamics of the development of modern business and the growth of regional representative offices of companies, investing in the personnel of administrative departments of enterprises is an indispensable element in the client-oriented approach to business.

It is for such companies that Contact Center Kiev offers customer base services that include the service of your customers by professional consultants and automated call processing systems that are addressed to or received from your customers.

Main features:

  • greeting customers on behalf of the company-customer or customer as an individual;
  • receiving a request from the client, providing the necessary information to the client;
  • connecting the customer with the customer and / or the customer with the customer in any country in the world;
  • using a modern interactive voice response (IVR) system.

We are confident that the services of our company can become an effective tool for optimizing the work of your own personnel, organize a single point of access to the company, regardless of the size of the business, and ensure quick contact with relevant employees, thereby using every client appeal as a potential business opportunity.

Any business is built on attracting new customers. But sales, especially telephone, require a huge amount of time for “cold calls” and the search for potential customers. Active telephone sales are a unique tool for attracting new customers for your company.

The “Telephone Sales” service includes:

  1. Forming a database of potential customers contacts.
  2. Drawing up a scenario of telephone sales, training of specialists.
  3. First contact with the company, update of contact data, search for the person making the decision.
  4. Drawing up and sending a personalized offer, control of its receipt by the client.
  5. Re-ringing for interest, working with objections
  6. Completion of the transaction.
  7. Forming and sending you regular detailed reports on the work done.

Using our telephone sales team allows you to get the maximum number of customers in a short time. You do not waste your time and time of your specialists on “cold calls” – at the same time you get a ready result in the form of “hot” contacts or completed transactions. We will choose the best payment scheme for our services and ensure complete confidentiality of client data.

You increase the effectiveness of your sales because we carefully approach the selection and training of our specialists, use the latest technologies to attract customers, make sure that any interaction with the client occurs at the highest level of service. Our team can realize tasks of different scales of the necessary coverage of potential customers.

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