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Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр

Carrying out of advertising campaigns

If your company develops rapidly, actively promotes its goods and services, constantly organizes advertising campaigns, in which case the support of the whole complex of marketing activities is an integral part of the process of successful implementation of your projects.

You just need to determine the list of such requests, prescribe a clear scenario and algorithm of actions, and focus on the main activity of the company, and the Contact Center Kiev operators:

  • provide timely and qualified assistance to the target audience when conducting an advertising campaign;
  • guaranteed to provide answers to all calls and inquiries of potential customers regarding the terms of the promotion;
  • help to minimize costs and save on the redistribution of functions to handle customer requests between its own personnel and Contact Center Kiev operators;
  • generate actual marketing data on the number of appeals, the list of main issues and the response to the stock as a whole.

This service is relevant both to the producers and organizers of the shares, and to advertising agencies that will be able to transfer part of the responsibility for ensuring proper implementation of the advertising campaign to Contact Center Kiev professionals, and concentrate their attention on other aspects of project management.

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