Contact center Kiev

Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр


Our contact center operates on the Oktell platform – one of the most advanced software systems of corporate IP telephony. The platform is integrated into the company’s business processes, improves work efficiency and enhances the quality control of customer service. Oktell includes the full functionality of the PBX, while the platform’s capabilities are not limited to only the organization of telephone communications. All the necessary functions are connected in one software, without a lot of servers and additional equipment. The platform provides all the functions necessary for the modern contact center. Oktell provides for creating client reports, uploading and sending call records to customers, or providing the client with an interface for accessing statistics through a personal cabinet, including the construction of redundancy systems, fault tolerance and load balancing. Thanks to the platform in our center, more than 100 operators work simultaneously, either manually or automatically. Over a day there are more than 50 thousand communications. Oktell provides ample opportunities for setting automatic dialing (individual, predictive, progressive, pass-through). This function increases the efficiency of operators and significantly reduces the costs of the company.

Interactive voice menu IVR allows you to conduct a dialogue with the subscriber in an automatic mode, to provide general and personalized information from databases. The system allows to conduct simultaneously several outgoing tasks, each of which is determined by the assigned table of subscribers, the dialogue script and the operator group. The Oktell platform uses progressive calling mode. For each operator dialing is carried out on several lines. This reduces the connection timeout and increases the efficiency of the call center.

To maintain the required level of service, the system contains advanced monitoring tools for the call center supervisor. In Oktell, a bonus program for operators is set up, taking into account the performance of quality indicators. The employee’s time record is maintained automatically. In Oktell you can create client reports, upload and send conversation records, or provide an interface for accessing statistics through your personal account.

Oktell Call Center increases the efficiency of operators, multiplies the conversion with cold calls, increases the likelihood of cross-selling to existing customers.