Contact center Kiev

Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр


The international company “Contact Center Kiev” creates new jobs on the territory of Ukraine for people who want to try themselves in new spheres of activity, to reveal their abilities and achieve success. Financing projects, the company’s activities come from foreign funds set up to develop and support the Ukrainian economy and create new jobs. Thus, we provide a stable income and confidence in the future for our employees.

We believe that the success of the whole company directly depends on each member of its team, we understand the importance of the balance of work and personal life, support initiatives, invest in the development of talents.

The variety of projects allows our specialists to master new directions of professional development within the company and to communicate with the Russian-speaking population from other countries every day.

Our company provides an opportunity to receive training from leading foreign experts in the field of marketing (trainings, courses, seminars) completely free of charge with obtaining certificates!

Contact Center Kiev is your chance to realize yourself, to gain international experience and build a successful career.

We are proud of our team of professionals and invite you to become a part of it!